Why “Little Rock Love?”

  • Because I love living in downtown Little Rock. We live in a 1920s hotel that has been lovingly restored and converted into public space, office space and living space, and it’s just steps and blocks away from some of our most favorite places in the city. And just four blocks from my job.
  • Because I love all the things Arkansas’s “metroplex” of Little Rock and North Little Rock – right across the Arkansas River from one another – have to offer.
  • Because I am in the midst of my very own “Little Rock Love” as big as life – the love of my amazing husband, Kelley Bass, and the love of the life we’re creating together.
  • Because I want to share the things I think, the things I see and do, and occasionally the things I eat and/or cook.
  • Because I like to write. I hope having this platform will force me to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keys, for purposes other than the public relations-related writing I do for work.

I’m glad you’ve taken time to read about my blog, and I’ll be very honored if you’ll stick around. Your comments are always welcome.



Left: Watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, November 2011

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